How to apply law school online

Its very important to make your plan early to apply for law school, so that you will have enough time. The first thing is you need register in LSAC website.

You need to very be careful because law schools have many specific requirements and firm deadlines. In your account, you can use the calender to remind you of important deadlines. You also need be sure your information in LSAC is right, if you find anything wrong, correct it immediately.

Process Overview:

1. Prepare for the LSAT and TOEFL test, get the score;

Tips: take all the tests the application requires, its hard to choose schools if you don't know your score, so take the tests early if possible. After you get your score, you can choose the schools. TOEFL must be sent by ETS to LSAC directly.

If you want to apply for the next fall JD class, it is better to take the June or October LSAT tests, then you can apply earlier. If you are not happy with your score on LSAT, December test is also acceptable.

2.Pay the CAS fee;

Tips: pay for CAS before you send out the transcript and LORs. LLM applicants needs pay the LLM CAS fee.

3.Get your transcript and class ranking, send them to LSAC;

Tip: it will take LSAC a long time to evaluate, so send the transcripts out as early as you can, at least 6 weeks before you finish your first app.

4. Finish the LORs, be sure the recommenders contact info (phone number, email) are right, send the LORs to LSAC directly;

Tips: Its better to prepare 3 letters, you can choose your teachers, your professors or internship leader as your recommenders.

if you apply for JD, you can send the LORs by mail or the internet; but if you apply for LLM, you can only send out the LORs by mail.

5.Choose the schools;

Tips: you can choose the schools according to ranking, surroundings, location, fame, weather and so on. Also consider your scores (GPA and LSAT/TOEFL).

6.Prepare and finish the resume;

7.Finish your PS/Essay;

Tips: each school has different requirements, and schools always request not only one paper, you need to follow the requirements closely. Its very important to write a good paper, you can show your unique qualities to the schools.

8. Answer all the questions in the online application;

Tip: answer the questions honestly, and check carefully.

9. Send out your resume, PS, optional paper and so on;

Tip: Send the resume and PS online in .doc or .docx format, but not pdf, check the contents carefully before you send. the offers you get, and choose the best one;

Tips: you may need prepare some interview before you get offers, and if you are in school Waitlist, you need send the LOCIs also.

11.prepare the visa, go to the school!

Good luck to everyone!