Who can Study US Law?

The US system of legal education is quite different from that of China. In US universities, there is no law major at all (there is a pre-law major but it is not popular today). Students in the US who want to become lawyers will first study any major they wish, and then they will apply for Law School (J.D., Juris Doctor) after taking the LSAT. So, in America's universities, J.D. can be called a master's degree because it is after the bachlor's degree, and this is the first law degree.

What major the student chooses in university is flexible. Most students will study English or literature, economics or political science. All of these majors will help prepare the student to do well in their future law study. However, some students major in science or engineering, biology or chemistry before law study. These students may not find law study so easy later, but they have a big advantage: Because most law students are not technical people, those people with hard science and engineering skills combined with law knowledge have many opportunities in their career.

It is not necessary to have any legal knowledge to apply for law school in the US. Most US applicants do not have any background in law at all before beginning their law school study.

For Chinese students, this means that any major with a bachelor degree can consider studying for the LSAT, joining a J.D. program in the US, and then becoming a US lawyer. Further, because China law permits those people with benke degrees to take the Chinese Bar, a student with any benke major can become a US and China lawyer in the future!

So law study in the US is open to any arts major or science major, such as language major (English, Japanese), economics, political science, philosophy, management, even if you are arts department major like dancing and singing, you can still consider to study law in the US.

American law schools even like to accept students with a special major. So if you are a unique major, your application will be more attractive to the school because you will be special and different from the other students.